Thursday, 6 August 2015

Introduction to My life with PH

Hello everyone my name is parris i am 17 years old and i am from Nottingham in england if you have heard of robin hood then you should know where nottingham is or even  forest anyway enough about robin hood and forest the football team. 

So many people have been telling me to express how im feeling on a blog because it doesn't only help me it can help other people and help them express their feelings and maybe in some way get some comfort knowing they are not alone on this journey. 

November 22nd 2011 was the date i got diagnosed i was 14 at this point. I remember it all like it was yesterday. I had a cough for about a week and i thought oh its nothing and then all through that week i just kept getting worse so i thought i best go to the doctors so my mum rang them and got me an emergancy appointment that day as the doctors know me as i have loads of other health problems but i will save that for another blog as i would be here for days haha. Anyway where was i? Oh yes my mum rang the doctors and they told us to come in at 3pm that day at this point it was about 1pm and my dad was working away but i lived with my mum but she doesnt drive and my brother was away with my niece who was 7 months old at the time so we had no choice but to ring my nana and grandad up and they came to pick us up at about 2 ish to make sure we got there for 3pm. I sat in the back of the car coughing and i remember my nana saying to me " wow what a cough that is " we then arrived at the doctors just before 3 and my grandad and nana decided to stay in the car because i wouldnt be long. We went straight over to the machine where you log yourself in and then i sat down and after what felt like forever because of how much i was coughing they finally said " parris kelvey " which then my heart started racing which my heart has always done that when ive gone to the doctors because of all the health problems ive got. We walked into the doctors room and he said hello to us all and said " so parris how can i help you " and i said " well ive got this cough and ive had it for a while now and ive tried all the medication for a cough and it doesnt seem to be going and its making me feel very tired and i haven't slept properly since ive had it " so he said " ok parris let me check you over can you please go over to the bed so i can feel your tummy " so i got onto the bed and he examined my tummy and pressed on it and said " tell me if it hurts " so i burst out laughing and said " no your tickling me " and then he said " well your tummy is fine you can go sit down now " so i got off the bed and he checked my temperature it was fine which was strange because i kept feeling very hot and then he checked my oxygen and i looked down at the oxygen metre and it said oxygen as 73 and heart rate as 120 And he looked quite concerned and i said " is everything ok " my heart started racing he said " parris have you been out of breathe " and i said " not really i mean ive not been very active because i had a leg operation in june " and he said " let me just go and talk to another doctor i will be back in a minute and thats when i started panicking and i burst out crying to my mum and she said " dont cry it will be ok " he came back in after about 10 minutes and said " i think we need to get you into hospital to get you checked over your oxygen is very low i am suprised you can talk never mind walk " so then i burst out crying and said " i dont want to go " he then said " im going to have to phone an ambulance to take you in " my mum then went to tell my nana and grandad while i waited in the room and then she came back and i heard the ambulance and they came in and spoke to the doctor and told me to sit on this chair while we went outside and they put a blanket on me so i didnt get cold. After 5 minutes we then walked through the doctors where loads of people was sitting waiting to see the doctor and was staring at me.. I then got into the ambulance and they put a nose cannula in my nose to give me oxygen which it was at 2 litres which felt so cold and i kept asking to take it off because it was so cold hahaha. After about 30 minutes we arrived at QMC hospital and they took me to A&E where my nana and grandad was waiting for me , we was there for hours waiting to be seen and then after a couple of hours the doctor came to ask me loads of questions like they do and i described how i felt and at first they said i had a asthma attack which ive never had asthma. Then they said it was pneumonia which explained why i couldnt stop coughing and felt stuff on my chest. They said i would probably only be in a night or 2. My mum couldnt stay the night as we have 2 dogs so she stayed till the latest she could and then went home at this point i was so scared not knowing what was going to happen and then i woke up wondering where i was and the doctors came to examine me agajn and i had a heart scan whjch picked up a hole in my heart and after test after test they told me i had a hole in the heart and something called pulmonary hypertention which is high blood pressure in the heart and lungs and was caused by the hole in the heart i ended up in hospital for 6 weeks!!!! Then i came out just after new year i spent christmas day in there its not as bad as you think , hospitals make it feel as close to home as they can do i was allowed out for a couple of hours , in june 2014 i had my hole closed in birmingham childrens hospital i had a catheter put into my groin which had a thing ( dont know what it was called it looked like a cobweb ) and that closed the hole.. I was then on oxygen for 2 years 

Anyway everyone thank you for reading :) hope this has helped in some sort of way this is only an introduction ❤

 Me with my oxygen on in 2011